Kitchen Floors

Kitchen Floors

One of the first decisions you have to make to match and enhance the looks of your kitchen, choice of the floor is a key decision to make when trying to create a balanced space.
So let’s start something traditional and that would be the wood surfaces, hardwood throughout is common in the real estate industry but when it comes to the kitchen floor what’s the best flooring to use.

Let’s look at solid hardwood first which means the pieces are milled from one solid piece of wood and its consistent throughout, traditionally this was how hardwood floors were made and they were laid in strips and can be refinished several times but in the kitchen area where there is a tremendous amount of traffic and exposure to water people are concerned that there may be some swelling or damage but if maintained properly and with some of the prefinished products in the market hardwood would look beautiful and work well in the kitchen and we have seen something evolve, we have seen engineered hardwood become a popular choice.

Engineered hardwood still has hardwood on top but in between we have horizontally apposed compatible pieces of hardwood it is engineered and laminated together and actually performs better than a true piece of hardwood because it’s not subject to water or humidity fluctuation it comes in many varieties, color, and styles the only difference is that the veneer at the top of the wood is thinner so if you thinking of refinishing it multiple times you going to run out of space so that’s something to keep in mind.
The engineered hardwood can be wider because they are engineered with veneer on top if you are going to put hardwood floors in the kitchen engineered hardwood floors are highly recommended it will perform better and needs less maintenance

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